Bowen Technique


History of Bowen

- Created in Geelong, Australia by Tom Bowen (1916-1982)
- Bowen's patients reported remarkable results from treatments after only two or three sessions.
- A 1975 Australian Government inquiry into alternative health practices (motivated by scepticism) served as a major promotion of Tom Bowen's practice by documenting extraordinary successes.
- The inquiry also determined that Bowen was personally treating an astonishing 13,000 patients a year with the Bowen Technique.

The Next Generation

Tom Bowen chose to instruct only six students in the Technique. One of these students was Osteopath and Natural Therapist, Oswald Rentsch. After Bowen's death, Rentsch and his wife Elaine picked up the torch and pioneered the expansion of Bowen around the world. Currently The Bowen Technique is practiced and taught in: Australia, New Zealand, North America and the UK with more than 80 certified instructors worldwide.

Bowen in Canada

- With over 350 members, Bowenwork Canada Registry ( serves as the country's professional association for Bowen therapists.