First Visit and Beyond

Naturopathic Treatment Process

1. Before your first visit, you will be required to fill out some forms. Please download them here to fill them out ahead of time. To view these files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If there are any problems downloading, contact the OSNC.

Adult Questionnaire

Children's Questionnaire
Consent Form
Privacy Policy Form

Most methods of payment are received (Cheque, Interac, Visa, Mastercard and Cash).

2. Please bring medications and supplements to your first visit.

3. The first visit lasts for 60 minutes for children and 75-90 minutes for adults. The ND reviews all your chief concerns in detail, analyzing time of onset, progression, past treatment and any factor that affects these concerns. Other areas such as energy, sleep, digestion, the female system and mental/emotional spheres will be explored as well. On this visit, food intolerance assessment and organ assessment are included. Then a treatment plan is designed to get you started on the optimal program for you from these findings.

4. You are then requested to return within four (4) weeks for your second appointment. This involves detailed organ function assessment via EAV testing. As well, we review your symptoms and the changes that have occurred. Generally, the treatment plan is adjusted. These follow up visits last 45-60 minutes

5. Generally the spacing of time between visits broadens and a maintenance schedule is developed. This pattern often varies between patients according to their state of health and requirements.

Healing is a process, thus follow-ups are necessary to determine what next steps are needed as we continue to peel away layers of toxicity and trauma. To truly establish a maintained state of improvement minimally 3-5 visits are recommended.