Our Approach

Our Approach to Naturopathic Therapies

Everyone is special at the Ottawa South Naturopathic Clinic [OSNC]. No two individuals with the same condition have the same program designed for them due to their unique sensitivities and needs. OSNC will work with your body in its ability to heal itself. All therapies are non-invasive and encourage the body in the direction towards healing, not further disease. If this is the type of healthcare you are seeking, you will not want to wait to take advantage of our services.

Many patients come to OSNC who are already on prescription medications. As a person improves it is the decision of the patient and the prescribing doctor whether and when it is time for them to come away from the medication. Naturopathic Doctors (ND’s) are able to provide requisitions for standard blood work, which can be done in a timely manner.

We can develop a cold and flu prevention plan for you. We have patients of all ages with a concern of recurrent colds, infections and the flu. This is an area where we often find that by initially assessing food intolerances, most can be eradicated or brought to a much lesser frequency of occurrence. In doing so the need for antibiotics is greatly decreased. Food intolerance testing is very gentle and can be performed on the smallest of bodies in a non-invasive manner. The results can be a factor in almost any health challenge and is generally done on all new patients. This method of assessment is helpful as well when introduction of solid foods is due in infants. We would also address the individual's state of health with therapies such as homeopathy, botanical medicine and nutritional supplementation.

Bowen Technique is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy. It is a gentle yet effective pain relief method and a support to aid healing for most health conditions, from acute and chronic injuries to chronic internal ailments.

We provide support to women preparing to conceive as well as during pregnancy and post delivery.

Assessment of organ function is performed on the first and generally all follow up visits. This is via EAV (Electro acupuncture according to Voll) testing which is non-invasive and results are immediate. This technology is unique in that it is helpful in searching for causes of disease.


Our main goal in the area of weight loss is to decrease metabolic syndrome, which is high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes. Once the weight loss goal is achieved then these three markers and their need for medications will decrease or disappear. We are interested in the long-term maintenance and results for our patients.

If you have any further questions as to how naturopathic medicine can help, our naturopathic doctor would be pleased to speak with you before you schedule your first appointment.

The above information has only touched the surface as to how naturopathic doctors are an integral part of your family's healthcare.